Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One of my favorite games to play with my Basic Skills classes was "Guess My Number".  I would hand out paper, tell them to number it 1-10 and then we would begin.  With younger students I would tell them to write three blank lines in the first space.  Then I would start to ham it up.  I would tell them I was thinking as hard as I could of a number and we would see if they could read my mind.  After lots of head holding I would start to announce, in a trance-like voice, a number and its position.  For example...a one in the tens place, a three in the ones place, a two in the hundreds.  They would place each number in the blank space. Then I would ask who could guess my number.  Corny, yes.  Effective-always.
I would use this with older students into the billions.  First I would explain that each common represented a word.  Once they understood that they really only needed to say a three-digit number followed by the correct word (comma), they would get into the game as well.  I think I always enjoyed it the most when a student was willing to take over and lead the game.  I felt then I had really reached them.
Here are a few task card collections that I developed to use with my students.

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 2 Freebie

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 2

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 3 Covers 4 CCSS

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grades 5-6 Decimals to the Hundredths

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Love and Lure of Chocolate.

Most of us love a good taste of chocolate. The sweet taste as you slowly let it melt on your tongue is such a simple but powerful pleasure. One of my favorite memories from teaching is sharing a Hershey Kiss with my second grade class as I would read from the book, The Chocolate Touch, by Patrick Skene Catling.

Later, when I became the computer teacher and was teaching K-8, I missed the closeness of my own class. One day while designing a webquest I came across an amusing website about chocolate. It starts from scratch and takes you through the whole process of producing a chocolate bar. What I found delightful was as you progress your mouse becomes a machete and you harvest the ripe cacao pods. There's more interactive pages and it is very kid friendly. I decided a webquest for my classes would be fun for us all. Check it out and be sure to read the feedback describing some very sweet endings to the lessons.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Smiles

Here are two pictures that will make you smile and want to throw your arms around a lovely spring day.