Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Friday, November 25, 2016

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place-Twas The Week Before Christmas!

Looking for some fun creative ideas?  The teacher-authors at TpT have been very busy designing lessons that will make the week before Christmas merry and bright-merry for you and your students brighter!

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place-TpT Sale!


TpT is having a sale and it's probably just in the nick of time.  You're probably feeling a little overwhelmed as you review all that is needed to be done this holiday season.  Give yourself an early present-the present of time and peace of mind.  Look at all of the wonderful products the busy elves at TpT have been planning and creating just for you.  You'll find some wonderful lessons and the teacher authors, ever as generous as creative, have tucked in a few free treats as well.  So come sit and take a minute to browse and then fill your virtual stocking with tried and true lessons....and then get hopping to all of the other things on your long list!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place

It's November and we're fast approaching Thanksgiving.  I think this may be one of my favorites.  It's a great time to see family and I am a big fan of turkey, gravy and stuffing!  There are a lot of things to teach about this month.  I found this nice site with a lot of ideas that may inspire you with craft ideas to make with your class.  

The teacher authors from TpT have a lot of wonderful lessons that go with this month as well.  Take some time to browse through this varied collection and be sure to see if there is something that will be just right for you and your class.  Check to see if there's a free one as well.  The good news is, with "falling back" this weekend, we can look forward to an extra hour of precious sleep.  Have a terrific weekend.