Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place-October Approaches!

October begins on Saturday and it's probably a good idea to start getting ready for Halloween.   You have four weeks and then Monday the 31st will be here.  Last year I did a blog about an alternative to decorating pumpkins with the kiddos.  My daughter and her friends got together again and decorated eggs for Halloween.  (They tell me they may do a winter version!  I look forward to that.)
So thanks to Lindsay, Tina, and Danielle, I have some photos to inspire you.  You may find it a cheaper and less messy way to go.

I asked my fellow teacher-authors to showcase a variety of their fall and Halloween materials.  Kick off your shoes, grab a cool glass of cider....or whatever you prefer....and see if you can find a seasonal lesson that you and your kiddos will enjoy.  You may also find a few free treats as well.  Let the fun begin!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

October is Just Around the Corner

October isn't that far away and you're already thinking about how to make your classroom festive for Halloween. Check out this fun idea that you can use to ease into the spirit (HA!) of the season.
You can get the "fake" pumpkin at places like Michael's or Oriental Trading Company.  The jewel kits come complete so you can make a really charming pumpkin without the hassle of carving.
The owl is a nice departure from the usual ghosts and goblins.  Let your creative side rule!

Friday, September 23, 2016

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place-Fall Favorites

It's officially fall!  The weather here, in New Jersey, still feels like summer.  But the weather teams on all fronts promise that will be changing shortly.  In the meantime, I cooked up some apple sauce-even threw in some cinnamon to make the house smell good-and thought about the beauty of falling leaves and pumpkin patches.
I found two cute ideas on pinterest to use in your classroom.

Here are a number of great lessons and ideas for your students.  Many are for fall and some are for free-always a nice bonus.  Happy Fall! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Long, long ago, (we may have had electricity) when I was working on a masters degree, I came across a book called, "From Hand to Head".  It made me rethink how we teach young children.  Then I became aware of more studies about movement and it's importance.  There's a growing body of evidence that movement in many forms enhances education for all ages.
Check this link for a pretty detailed description of the importance of exercise and its impact on learning.
Movement and Learning.
From brain breaks to activities, like scoot, that encourage action during lessons, many classrooms are using more movement to increase the productivity of students.  So go ahead, incorporate some of the fun games and activities into your day.  Not only will it help your student learn and retain, it will be more fun for you and them. 

In the linky below, along with many quality educational materials, you will find some lessons designed to get the kiddos up and moving.  Have a great week.

Friday, September 9, 2016

T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Mrs. Mc's Place -Ready or Not.....We're Back!

Ready or not, you're back in the classroom.  Let the teacher authors at TpT lend you a helping hand as you get on your way.  Take a breath and then sit, relax, and browse the varied and well designed lessons below.  You're sure to find a game, activity, or idea that will help and inspire you as you get on your way.