Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Blues and Dealing With a Time Burglar

Okay, I'll admit, most of the time burglars we deal with at work don't look like this.  If only they did, it would be easier to recognize them and at least be forewarned.  But they are much more subtle-masked as coworkers, administrators, and, OH NO, IN-SERVICES.  We've all been there-you head for your classroom bristling with efficiency, list in hand and actually excited about all you're going to accomplish.  The bulletin boards you have planned, running off the ice breaker, back-to-school themed materials to prepare, all foremost in your mind.  You get into your drab, predecorated room, already visualizing the marvelous transformation you're planning.  Then, it begins.....the list of what the administration needs and knew that was coming.  But here comes the one I always have trouble figuring how to deal with-the coworker time burglar.  The slow walking, slow talking, keening, apparition, about to steal hours of my time.  It begins with the dragging drawling ..."I can't believe we're back here"...and goes on from there.  All I can think about is how I've paid a sitter, planned dinner ahead, and rushed out leaving my sweet, sweet kids so I could have all of this done and off my plate!  And now......
I must admit I really had trouble solving this until one day I came up with a plan that worked well for me.  I took my mom with me.  Yep, she was totally on board with the whole idea.  It was really win, win.  She was a deterrent to the hand-wringing complainers-they seemed embarrassed to whine and weep in front of her.  She helped immensely and I had two added bonuses.  I had wonderful reminders of her all around the room each day and we had a nice lunch together when the bulk of the effort was complete.  We did this for several years and it was a solution that wound up bringing a lot of joy to my life.
Do you have an idea or solution that has worked well for you.  I'd love to hear.

Here are a few fun back- to- school products that might add to the fun for you.
Banner or Bulletin Board Heading With a Back to School Theme-Galaxy War

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