Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sit back and enjoy a cup.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One of my favorite games to play with my Basic Skills classes was "Guess My Number".  I would hand out paper, tell them to number it 1-10 and then we would begin.  With younger students I would tell them to write three blank lines in the first space.  Then I would start to ham it up.  I would tell them I was thinking as hard as I could of a number and we would see if they could read my mind.  After lots of head holding I would start to announce, in a trance-like voice, a number and its position.  For example...a one in the tens place, a three in the ones place, a two in the hundreds.  They would place each number in the blank space. Then I would ask who could guess my number.  Corny, yes.  Effective-always.
I would use this with older students into the billions.  First I would explain that each common represented a word.  Once they understood that they really only needed to say a three-digit number followed by the correct word (comma), they would get into the game as well.  I think I always enjoyed it the most when a student was willing to take over and lead the game.  I felt then I had really reached them.
Here are a few task card collections that I developed to use with my students.

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 2 Freebie

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 2

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grade 3 Covers 4 CCSS

Math Task Cards- Number Detective Grades 5-6 Decimals to the Hundredths

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